Russian company, SERVARIUS is the example of rapid growth and effective international cooperation. Leading European, American and Asian companies has become our good partners. The geography of our suppliers includes up to 16 countries. ROSATOM corporation and the Moscow Department of Science and Industrial Policy play an important role in development of the project, the best practices of which allow to create highly competitive products of international standard.

The company started its existence in 2015 with the creation of up-to-date laboratory facilities. Innovative practices allowed to launch the manufacturing within a short space of time. Today, SERVARIUS company disposes advanced automated equipment, due to which our production is the most accessible in the market, having steady supreme quality. Our marketing department monitors current trends in the market to make sure we offer the most in-demand products.


Our company pays special attention to perfume compositions and quality of ingredients, and that is why we have contracts only with leading perfume and chemical corporations. The consumers may always be sure in safety and guaranteed high quality when they chose our fresheners. When selecting the fragrances, we are guided by modern trends in perfumery of Japan and France, because products from these markets set the trend and are always in demand in Russia.


Besides own MAXIFRESH and PERFUME trademarks, our range of products includes such worldwide renowned brands as CARORI (China), DIAX (Japan), FOURING (Korea), which are manufactured in Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea and China and which are represented in more than 40 countries. Due to high quality, reputation and sustained development, more than 500 million items of fresheners have been already sold all over the world.